Scoliosis Orthosis

Scoliosis Orthosis


What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis (say: skoh-lee-OH-sis) is a sideways curvature in the spine.


With scoliosis, the spine curves to one side, usually to the right, resulting in one shoulder being higher than the other.

What is a spinal orthosis?

An orthosis (say: or-THOH-sis) is a medical device that is designed to support or treat people who have problems with their muscles, bones or joints.

At this time in your life, your body is growing quickly. This rapid growth increases the risk that the curves in your spine will get larger too. A spinal orthosis is a back brace that is designed to hold your spine in place and decrease the chance that the curve in your spine will become worse as you grow.

By wearing a spinal orthosis, 80% (8 out of 10) of curves will stay the same size. Some curves may get smaller. That is a nice bonus, but it is not to be expected.

Your orthosis will be custom-made to fit you.