Steve M


“Chris and his work have made an impact on my life that is difficult to describe. When I came to Chris, I had been diagnosed with a chronic peripheral neuropathy for several years. The use of my feet was permanently impaired when I was 17, prompting me to begin using braces on both of my legs. For years, I had been given pre-fabricated braces which tended to break when I tried to perform any activity other than just walking in a straight line. When I voiced my desire to do more than just walk, other practitioners told me to modify my expectations of life and give up the activities I loved most: hiking, biking, running, swing dancing, boxing and bow hunting. Chris was different. He saw me as a human being, and always treated me like family. He listened to my goals; he worked long and hard to provide the best possible solution for my specific case. Thanks to Chris, the braces he has made for me over the years, and the countless visits for revision and modification in between, I have been able to do the things I love. It is not often that one can say with certainty that another person has changed his life, but I can say this about Chris. He cares for each of his patients with compassion, and goes the extra mile for all of them without regard to personal gain. He is a giver and a servant and as a physical therapist, I am proud to call him a trusted colleague. Thanks to Chris, I have climbed over a dozen of Colorado’s 14ers, backpacked into the back country on solo bow hunting trips, danced with such fluidity that no one could tell that my feet are nearly paralyzed, and pursued a career as a personal trainer and physical therapist.”