“Our son Zevi was born with bilateral club foot. We didn’t know that he had the condition until he was born. It was a shock and difficult to work through that he would need extra care and attention to ensure that he would walk, run or play as any other child. This is when Chris came into our lives. We met Chris right before the surgery, his positive energy and confidence that all would be not just alright, but that it would be great, helped set our minds at ease for the upcoming surgery and the journey after. Chris talked us through the process of how he was going to order the shoes and make sure that the billing was going to be taken care of, to make sure that we would have minimal worry and cost. Chris gave us information that was easy to read and understand, helping us to be more confident that we would be able to master the new shoes we were going to have for Zevi. He even made us laugh with a comment about Zevi being a broad shouldered baby! Chris walked us through putting the shoes on and taking them off. He answered all of our questions multiple times. He always made us feel that we had all the time in the world to become comfortable with the new devices for leaving the office. Chris even let us record him putting the shoes on and taking them off. He made sure that we had all of the office contact information and encouraged us to call or email with questions or concerns. A special thank you to the warm inviting office staff. Zevi is always happy to visit the office. Chris is always gentle and caring with Zevi. We trust Chris and his staff to always take care of our child. Thank you for everything!!”