“Brigitta was born weighing just two pounds and fourteen ounces, with brilliant blue eyes and a very big voice. Amniotic bands had caused the loss of her left foot and the right foot to be clubbed, Brigitta underwent surgery on the right leg when she was only four days old, which prevented her from losing that foot as well. When Brigitta weighed around five and a half pounds, we met Chris. Chris’ personality and attitude was so uplifting and enthusiastic, that we knew immediately we were lucky to have him in our lives. Brigitta needed an AFO for her right foot and would later need a prosthetic foot for her left leg. The need for a brace this tiny is not common, but Chris was excited to design something so special just for Brigitta. His excitement and optimism was, and still is, contagious! Chris has seen Brigitta several times a month since he first met her and her right foot is now growing and improves daily. He asked Bill Allen to design a prosthesis for her when she was ten months old. Brigitta just had her first birthday and is on the verge of walking already! Chris has an intense passion, an optimistic enthusiasm, and an amazing skill that is truly rare. It’s also so nice that Brigitta loves him and enjoys coming to see him and so do we!”