Ruth G.

Patient's Mother

“I Congratulate you with new up date, and you are welcome to Bootstrap ver. 4. I’m so happy that you using the best instrumtruments, framework and top plugins in your Projects. You are the best. Good Luck ! ! ! in your achievements Lily’s livelihood has been a whirlwind of medical appointments. Lily was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. As parents, we were unsure about Lily’s future. We were given little to no hope, but all of that changed when we met Chris. He has been treating Lily for over five years. Lily’s future would not be as bright without him. He has found conventional and non-conventional ways to treat Lily. Because of Chris, Lily has the opportunity to live life to the fullest! He has made it possible for Lily to become independent, and she is now her own person. She is living a life we never thought would be possible! When asked, “Lily, what do you like best about Mr. Chris?” She responded, “Ummm… I like that he fixes my cables” (Twister cables and AFO’s) Chris, we will forever be grateful to you for giving Lily independence and life!”